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A Turn-key, Buy Local, Digital Media Classified Ads Display Software & Sales Training Solution

Exit Local is the first digital NTR program to include: 

  • Your publication or broadcast media sales outlet's non-spot or remnant promotional ad space
  • A separate rich media digital classified ad portal for eachbroadcast media sales outlet or publication
  • Automated management of each client's inventory listings on Craigslist, Backpage and hundreds of free inventory listing websites
  • HUGE Search engine optimization impact on each client's existing website and 3rd party classified advertising websites
We charge no monthly software, hosting or consulting fees and provide:
  • A turnkey station or publication-specific classified ads, display ad & coupon revenue solution 
  • A classified ads portal  framed into each station or publication's existing website
  • A "buy local" e-commerce campaign & technology solution your local businesses & governments will get behind

What local internet shoppers love about the Exit Local platform:

  • Ease of use and instant interaction with local businesses
  • Detailed, rich media-enhanced inventory & coupon information
  • Convenience of connecting with sales & service providers close to home or work
  • 100% of the ads and inventory come from clients with a brick & mortar store inside your circulation or broadcast market
  • Knowledge that online inquiries or purchases stimulate and support the local economy

What local dealerships, real estate agents & service providers love about Exit Local:

  • Shopper experience is similar to national websites like Cars.com, Trullia.com, Rent.com and Groupon.com
  • Increases top of mind awareness AND Incoming leads from their primary market area
  • Combines seamless & consistent messaging across all local media & internet sales channels
  • Included inventory & merchandising software & polling system replaces less effective 3rd party distribution software
  • Keyword Description GENie increases & optimizes their unique digital footprint on Google & 3rd party sites like AutoTrader.com, Trulia.com, Craigslist and Backpage

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